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A flexible spine is the cornerstone of mobility and better posture. Nurturing and improving the spine's flexibility deserves a place in our daily routine. SELKA harnesses gravity across an optimal curve to relieve tension and gently stretch the entire spinal column, improving flexibility throughout the back and body.

Deriving its name from the Finnish word for spine, SELKA’s unique design – handcrafted with strong, high quality, and sustainable Finnish Baltic Birch plywood – draws from the expertise of health and fitness experts as well as the wisdom and practice of B.K.S. Iyengar, founder of Iyengar yoga, to help rejuvenate the spine, body, and mind.

















As a result of largely sedentary lifestyles – perpetually craning our necks and hunching our backs over ever-present screens – poor posture is endemic. A large number of adults and an increasing number of young people suffer from neck and back conditions that cause persistent discomfort or chronic pain, and poor posture is often to blame. While sitting for extended periods is unavoidable in many professions, it is nevertheless possible to reverse many of these effects with the correct practices.

One such way is with SELKA. When used for several minutes every day, SELKA helps to stretch and rejuvenate the entire spine, teaching the spine to return to its optimal state. As better posture becomes a learned pattern, the spine can largely overcome its negative compensation tendencies.

SELKA encourages improved posture by prompting your postural muscles and joints to relax, helping to relieve tightness and tension, restore alignment, and consequently energize your body and mind.















SELKA is easy to use regardless of your level of fitness or flexibility. The durable and timeless design is intended for a lifetime of use in any workspace, home, wellness or lounge environment.

Daily use in such settings supports improved health and promotes concentration and productivity, particularly for those who spend extended periods seated or do not regularly practice yoga or similar activities. 





















The SELKA design group is based in NYC and proudly works with skilled fabricators in Brooklyn. Each SELKA is handcrafted in limited runs. Its lightweight, yet incredibly strong form, can support a 400 pound body. SELKA's modern and organic shape makes it an unobtrusive and easy way to incorporate health into your environment.